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In the late afternoon of April the 5th, 1862 near Pittsburg Landing, (Shiloh) Tennessee A Confederate Army of approximately 40,000 men commanded by General Albert Sidney Johnston, was poised within two miles of an unsuspecting enemy, the Federal Army of roughly the same strength, commanded by General Ulysses S. Grant.

General Johnston desiring to know the condition of his troops and to discuss previously formulated battle plans, convened a roadside War Council with all of his Corp Commanders. Present at the council (starting from the left in the picture) were Generals Polk, Bragg, Beauregard, Johnston, Breckinridge, and Hardee.

Generals Bragg and Beauregard expressed doubts about the pending attack such as the enemy knows we are here, our troops are low on rations, and we are outnumbered. General Johnston listened to all of the points and then with majestic calm stated, "These doubts will not be permitted... the enemy does not know we are here and our troops will eat the enemy's rations after they have been captured". As the officers were dispersing, Johnston said "I would fight'em if they were a million."

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